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Alliance understands one of the major hurdles to obtaining a Church Loan is to understand how the process works and what a Church Lender is looking for.

Over the last few years Alliance has worked hard to try and streamline the process for our Church Clients. We have teamed up with a handful of Church Lending Partners and Private Investors who specialize in Lending to Church Organizations.

Alliance currently can assist Religious Organizations seeking financing from $1 Million (exceptions on a case by case basis) up to no set maximum. It all starts with our Church Loan Pre-Qualification Form which can be downloaded here or from our Church Loan Forms page.

With Alliance on your side the possibilities are limitless!

Church Financing
Download our Church Loan Pre-Qualification Form
Pre-Qualification Form
Church Financing Programs

Conventional Financing

Conventional Loans are an available financing option for our Church Clients.

Bond Financing

Alliance Business Capital’s Church Loan Clients also have access to Bond Financing.

Private Investor Loans

Alliance offers Private Investor Financing when traditional financing won’t work.